Anti-Spill Secondary Containment

Frac tanks can store liquids or solids like petroleum products, chemicals, manure, saline water, and proppants. An advantage of Frac tanks is that they are mobile and easily transported to their required location. 

It is an environmental requirement that a Frac Tank has a suitable containment/dike area installed to contain any potential spillage. Installing an appropriate secondary containment area can prove difficult in remote areas to prevent any chemicals from leeching into the surrounding environment.

The surface of the secondary containment area was prepared by compacting sand into a wall in the form of a dike in preparation for the placement of six Frac Tanks. 

The installation of 8×8 mm reinforced mesh is applied on the surface of the dike to create a firm substrate for the application of LINE-X 350. The mesh is pulled-taught and fixed with 4” nails, placed in sections. The LINE-X applicators applied four layers of Gray LINE-X XS-350. The four layers of XS- 350 ensures the elimination of any voids and pin-holes and perfectly joins the sections of placed mesh. Subsequently, the applicators applied a layer of Gray POLYURETHANE RA-28 to protect the lining system from UV colour fade.

After completing the LINE-X application with three walls, the Frac Tanks are placed inside the secondary containment area, followed by constructing the fourth wall and XS-350 application. This application procedure ensures a wholly enclosed, seamless, chemical-resistant secondary containment area.

The LINE-X applicators, ETM, have provided an appropriate secondary containment area with a rapid turn-around time. This particular application is one of many remote secondary containment areas installed by ETM across Mexico. 

The LINE-X XS-350 material is resistant to an extensive array of chemicals and able to provide a seamless barrier, leaving no chances of potential spillages leeching into the surrounding environment.

Product overview: Chemical Resistant Coating of 550 MT2 Anti-Spill, Secondary Containment Area

Product used: LINE-X XS-350   Applicator: ETM, LINE-X Mexico

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