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How To Utilise Corrosion Control In The Mining Industry

When it comes to controlling corrosion and abrasion damage on mining equipment, exposure to extreme environments, weather and dangerous terrain are all challenges that heavy machinery must overcome whilst working in large scale mining and excavation sites. Earthmovers like bulldozers, dump trucks, motor graders, excavators, and others are the workhorses of the mining industry. They dig, push, transport, and clear waste material or the mineral of interest from the site. When these machines go down, work grinds to a halt. Due to the nature of mining itself, constant exposure to weather for long periods, heavy machines need regular ongoing maintenance. Fuel and hydraulic tanks are particularly vulnerable to deterioration. Because fuel tanks sit between the front and rear wheels, they catch rocks and impact damage

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Concrete Waterproof Polyurea Underlayment Process

In the world of construction, waterproofing can be one of the most critical aspects of a construction job. Waterproofing is especially important when laying commercial-grade tiling for pedestrian walkways or driveways for vehicles. A flooring underlayment serves as a barrier between a concrete foundation and a tile application placed on top. If water penetrates the surface and reaches the concrete substrate underneath, it can cause significant damage resulting in expensive and time-consuming repairs. Since moisture is the biggest issue when laying a high traffic tile floor, an equally durable underlayment is required. In Mexico, several major infrastructure projects needed a commercial-grade, watertight, and cost-effective underlayment solution. A polyurea underlayment is one of the most reliable options available.  LINE-X Polyurea Underlayment LINE-X Polyurea Underlayment LINE-X Polyurea

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corrosion resistant coatings for smart parking meters
ASTM B117-Salt Spray

Corrosion Resistant Coatings For Smart Parking Meters

Corrosion resistant coatings, by LINE-X, are being utilised in Italy for smart parking meters. Smart parking machines are becoming the standard in large and medium-sized cities. It’s an economical choice as one meter can be used for multiple spaces and smart machines can accept payment by credit/debit card, cash, coins, app or tokens. In many cases, smart parking machines are positioned outside or under an awning for protection from weather elements. However, even protection under an awning is not enough to completely prevent corrosion. Parking machines, and the complex technology inside them, are exposed to extreme temperatures, rain, snow, dust, sea air, fine particulates, debris as well as human and animal interaction that can cause abrasion or deterioration. A city council in Italy sought a

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Dairy Facility Production

Dairy Facility Production

Corrosion is a plague to modern manufacturing; it can strike any industry in any part of the world – even a traditional cheese shop in Cyprus. The walls of this cheese production facility were constructed from steel sandwich panels. Every day, these panels are exposed to salty steam and liquid spills. Most cheese production uses acid and salt at specific stages to make cheese. After so many batches, the steel panels would begin to corrode. The panels often sustained further damage by the collision with and impact damage caused by stainless steel trolleys used to harvest the cheese or progress to the next stage in the process. The manufacturer had two options: replace the panels with new ones and face the same issues in the

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Waste Water Tank Lining

SITUATION Outdoor and underground storage tanks are subject to corrosion and abrasion at the hands of chemicals, extreme temperatures, and normal wear-and-tear. These factors can – and do – lead to harmful and expensive leaks and spills. For a local chemical factory located in the Czech Republic, the threat of leaks and spills is unacceptable. They needed a permanent waterproofing solution for their existing concrete tanks that would meet the local environmental protection regulations and prevent contamination. Applying a durable waterproof coating meant retrofitting the existing underground tanks in the field. Hazardous chemicals and extreme weather conditions had weakened the integrity of the concrete tanks. SOLUTION The answer to restoring and waterproofing the tank was LINE-X. Spray-on polyurea primary and secondary tank coatings prevent corrosion

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