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Amazing Game Of Thrones, Throne | Hard Coating by LINE-X

LINE-X coatings are commonly used for hard-coating eps structures, especially within the film and theme park industry. EPS sculptures can be made into amazing lifesize structures, models and art. Due to the creativity of the sculptors who use LINE-X services, we are always being amazed by the projects that we are sent! A lot of the LINE-X network are Game of Thrones fans, so when this project came through from our Spanish master distributor, LINE-X HISPANIA, our jaws dropped and we just had to share it. This particular project was a private commission by a Commercial Manager of a large automotive dealership in Barcelona for his daughter, a mega-fan of the Game of Thrones. The throne was created from EPS and hard-coated with LINE-X XS-100,

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Aluminium Equestrian Tack Trunk - LINEX

Aluminium Equestrian Tack Trunk

If you’re an equestrian, you know horse riding is a sport that requires lots of equipment and care products. Not only do you need equipment for yourself, but your horse as well. There are saddles, headgear, breastplates, spurs, reins, grooming tools, boots and much more. For the real enthusiasts, all this equipment needs to be stored and easily transportable. Tack trunks are a popular way to store and organize equipment. If traveling to shows, tack trunks are essential for hauling gear. Aluminium tack trunks are a popular choice for this purpose because they are relatively lightweight, easy to transport. However, aluminium is easily scratched so loading tons of gear will eventually leave marks on the trunk. Resine Solution, the official LINE-X applicator for the Centre-Val

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brake roller

Brake Testing Unit Coating

Malta Public Transport is the national bus operator responsible for public buses across the Maltese islands. Their buses travel 30 million kilometres every year, and their fleet is over 400 strong, all of which require constant maintenance, servicing and repairs. Understandably, their brake testing units are in constant use, and the manufacturers’ coating on the break testing rollers started to crack and flake off, rendering the whole unit unfit for use. Without the use of their brake testing units, their timeline of servicing and maintenance was disrupted. The Professionals at LINE-X wanted to test if LINE-X could be a solution, and without a solution, Malta Public Transport had only one choice: to replace all units. Does LINE-X Have A Solution? Yes, the LINE-X professions in

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