How LINE-X improved the health and safety of the Sultans of Monterrey stadium

LINE-X, a global leader in protective coatings, teamed up with the home of the Los Sultans of Monterrey Baseball crew in Monterrey, Mexico to restore the stands and floor of the largest baseball stadium dugouts of the country.

The venue is home to the sultans of Monterrey, current champions of the Mexican Baseball League. In addition, this space will host some games of the MLB major League Baseball USA.

This year, as an additional part of the Mexican League, the stadium will host MLB the Cardinals of St. Louis, the Cincinnati Reds, the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Angels. The stadium of the Sultans of Monterrey opted to restore their dugouts to prepare for the new baseball season.

This year [2019], the Monterrey baseball stadium celebrates 29 years of serving the public. The floors of the stadium’s dugouts originally had 10mm thick, puzzle-type rubber tiles. These floors, over the years, have deteriorated due to exposure to the sun and water. Deteriorated tile edges have generated risk conditions for players and stadium employees. In addition, the tiles no longer have a desirable aesthetic appearance.

LINE-X, skid resistant solution

The stadium of the Sultans of Monterrey selected LINE-X for its worldwide recognized Polyurea technology. The Polyurea contains physical and mechanical characteristics that generate a surface that is resistant to friction and is skid resistant. This allows baseball players to walk safely with their tacos in the dugouts during the season.
Mega-Coat, distributor and certified applicator of LINE-X in Mexico carried out the scope of work, including surface preparation and rehabilitation prior to the application of the LINE-X coatings. Given the importance of the project and thinking about the safety of the players, Mega-Coat and LINE-X selected among their extensive portfolio of products to find the best solution, and offer a professional alternative for a concrete surface that needed to be skid resistant, durable and UV protected.

All necessary preparations to the surface of the dugouts were carried out to ensure the best possible application. For this project, LINE-X selected CU-970 (castable polyurea) as a primary base, followed by a 3mm layer of LINE-X XS-100 with broadcasted silica sand, which provides increased skid resistance, offering a system of long service life and excellent performance for rough and weatherproof use.


Additional benefits of LINE-X coating

  • Creates a self-leveling barrier against moisture and weather damage
  • Resistant to damage caused by sun, chipping, scraping and wear
  • Reduces the need for maintenance, saving time and money

“We believe that LINE-X is the most profitable and definitive solution due to the intense use of the areas in question. I know the products of LINE-X for around 10 years, in the automotive industry and we thought it would work very well on the floor of the dugouts” said Jesús Granados, project manager of the Stadium of the Sultans of Monterrey.

“The product, from the preparation of the surfaces to the final finish, generated much interest for all those who came to observe, mostly the players of sultans of Monterrey during their pre-season practices. We did traction tests with club sports personnel especially to test their skid ability and determined that the product makes the dugouts safer. It is worth mentioning that the last 5 days have been rainy which makes the first positive reactions of the players more relevant.

“It’s exciting that LINE-X has been selected to restore the dugouts floors, making their life more secure and durable,” said Dennis Weese, president of LINE-X. “This is a great example of LINE-X ‘s capabilities around the world — proving that the company has no geographic boundaries and that LINE-X protects what matters most.”


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