Internal Tank Lining For The Mining and Processing Industry

Businesses within the mining and processing industry require huge tanks to store shredded iron ore, but the interior coating of the manufacturer-supplied tanks wasn’t able to withstand the abrasion. The tanks would quickly show signs of corrosion and degradation, greatly shortening their service life. The client needed a solution to prolong the life of the tanks that could endure the continual movement of the iron ore scrap.

Durable Linings by LINE-X


The LINE-X professionals selected LINE-X XS-350 as the right coating for the job; it’s a highly durable, chemical-resistant pure polyurea. To start, the tanks were sandblasted and cleaned to ensure any previous coatings or contaminants were fully removed. A primer was then applied, and once the primer dried, LINE-X XS-350 was sprayed on using a heated plural component spray unit. The LINE-X XS-350 was built up to a depth of 3-5mm to provide an extremely durable surface to protect the tanks from the iron ore.

LINE-X Increased Service Life and Provided Sound-Deadening Properties


The LINE-X XS-350 application provided an incredibly durable barrier that offered an extremely high level of wear-resistance effectively absorbing strikes, scratches, and abrasions from the ore. The first tanks were lined with LINE-X in 2017 and show very minimal wear at the time of writing this article [April 2019].

An added bonus of the coating became apparent when the client noticed the LINE-X XS-350 greatly reduced the noise level of the iron ore churning in the tanks. The noise reduction was a welcome surprise and huge relief for the staff!

Case Study Provided by: Armline (LINE-X Ukraine)

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