International Success at the 2020 Global LINE-X Conference (GLC).

The 2020 Global LINE-X Conference (GLC) took place in Savannah, Georgia last week (February 20-22, 2020), with a record number of attendees and International presence.

The GLC takes place every two-years for the LINE-X franchisee’s and Master Distributors to gather under one roof. A two-day event of learning, featured sessions, celebration events and networking.

This year, the GLC received over 1,100 LINE-X attendees, with over 50 International Master Distributors from all over the globe, including Latvia, Japan, Mexico and Pakistan, just to name a few.

LINE-X is expanding Internationally, and a big focus on International activity was included at the conference. Two ‘International Track’ days were introduced, which included ‘International Moving Forward’, Industrial Case Study Presentations and an Internationally focused Digital Marketing Presentation.

International Moving Forward

The ‘International Moving Forward’ session included a presentation by Miguel from MEGA Coat, Mexico, who utilise LINE-X Polyurea Coatings as a waterproofing membrane. LINE-X attendees learned the process of successful waterproofing applications, including Car Park Deck Lining, Waterproofing for Man-made Gardens, Roof lining and more. A newly developed LINE-X material was also introduced to the International network, which increased the possibilities of waterproofing applications.


Mark McPherson, Chief Operating Officer of LINE-X Australia, followed up with a presentation about the re-launch of ASPART-X in Australia. ASPART-X, a polyaspartic flooring system by LINE-X, has seen good growth in Australia off the back of successful re-launch. Mark introduced their new promotional video as well as their digital marketing efforts, latest literature and ways to market.

Industrial Case Studies

Mark from LINE-X Australia, returned to the stage to present a case study of the refurbishment of a malt hopper and fermenting drum. The hopper had been in a poor state, very corroded and did not look visually very attractive. After careful preparation of the substrate, LINE-X XS-350 was utilised to visually improve the look of the hopper whist providing a corrosion resistant barrier.


Ziedonis Zaltis, Owner of LINE-X Baltics, later presented a case study by one of his top customers in Russia. The LINE-X applicator in Vladivostok had used LINE-X XS-350 pure-polyurea to internally line a pig fertilisation tank. The tank had previously experienced significant corrosion issues due to the harsh chemicals within the pig excrement. LINE-X XS-350 proved an excellent solution and has now been in service for over 18 months with no problems.

Digital Marketing Presentation

Darren Hull, European Marketing Manager for LINE-X LLC and Chad Reinertson, Digital Marketing Manager LINE-X LLC gave a full insight to successful digital marketing strategies, with a complete focus on generating leads and higher lead conversions for LINE-X business Internationally.

GLC Exhibition

Every GLC, LINE-X hosts an exhibition, featuring LINE-X Promotional Vehicles, Tech Booth and Preferred Vendors. This year, LINE-X introduced a “live store experience” which showcased how the US/Canadian Franchise stores are beginning to look with their range of automotive accessories. LINE-X Internationally is not currently stocking Truck Gear by LINE-X accessories (apart from LINE-X Australia). However, it was great to look into the future to see how LINE-X Dealerships/Stores throughout the globe may one day look.

International Award

Ziedonis Zaltis, Master Distributor of LINE-X for the Baltic region, received an award for the most chemical pounds purchased by an International Master Distributor in 2019. The International team have seen how much dedication and hard work Ziedonis puts into his LINE-X business and his customers. Ziedonis is a living case study that shows how hard work and dedication brings success.

International Gesture

In the US, LINE-X LLC supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, raising money to help end childhood cancer. During the mainstage events, a heart-warming video was played. The video showed how the money raised has helped a child fight his cancer while receiving all the specialist care. Once the mainstage presentations had closed, Shamir Shalwani, CEO of LINE-X Pakistan, donated $1,000 to the charity. This generous donation helped add to the total of the $179,000 raised by LINE-X franchisees during December 2019. LINE-X LCC was so thankful for the donation that they later matched Shamir’s donation and gave an additional $1,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®.

LINE-X Networking Events

Of course, the GLC is not just all work and no play. One of the key benefits of attending the Global LINE-X Conference is to network and make new connections with other LINE-X owners, staff and brand advocated. During the two-day event, LINE-X hosted a Welcome Reception, a Georgia Queen Riverboat Cruise and Dinner and an evening event at the Georgia State Railroad Yard and Museum. These events allowed all attendees to unwind, create new friends to learn even more about other LINE-X experiences.

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