corrosion resistant coatings for smart parking meters

Corrosion Resistant Coatings For Smart Parking Meters

Corrosion resistant coatings, by LINE-X, are being utilised in Italy for smart parking meters. Smart parking machines are becoming the standard in large and medium-sized cities. It’s an economical choice as one meter can be used for multiple spaces and smart machines can accept payment by credit/debit card, cash, coins, app or tokens. In many cases, smart parking machines are positioned outside or under an awning for protection from weather elements. However, even protection under an awning is not enough to completely prevent corrosion. Parking machines, and the complex technology inside them, are exposed to extreme temperatures, rain, snow, dust, sea air, fine particulates, debris as well as human and animal interaction that can cause abrasion or deterioration.

A city council in Italy sought a corrosion resistant coating solution to prolong the working life of its recently purchased smart parking meters.

The Search For A Corrosion-free Coating.

After exploring various specialty paints, the city council selected a durable polyurea coating from LINE-X. Why a polyurea? Polyurea coatings offer extreme protection against impact and abrasion, a seamless water-tight seal and corrosion resistance. Polyurea coatings are also spray applied meaning there’s no need for the hassle of baking or charging as other coatings require.

LINE-X Roma, located in Rome, Italy, led the prep and application process. After the smart parking meters were disassembled and brought to the LINE-X facility, highly skilled polyurea spray technicians cleaned, masked, primed and prepped the machines for the LINE-X application. Once complete, the team applied LINE-X XS-350, a pure polyurea coating, to the interior and exterior of the machines. Particular care was given to the doors of each unit to make sure the coating did not impede the ability of the doors to open or close but still protected those critical areas.

Certain that their investment will be protected from the elements, especially the corrosive sea air and salt spray to which the town is exposed, the local government council is ready to distribute hundreds of LINE-X reinforced parking meters to streets, parking garages, shopping centers, health care facilities, recreational areas, marinas, attractions, and more.

With a LINE-X polyurea coating, the parking meters and their metal enclosures are better protected from weather, corrosion, abrasion, impacts, and other damage. The council invested wisely in upgrading the city’s parking meters and will reap the benefits for years to come thanks to LINE-X.

Certification: ASTM B117-Salt Spray

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