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Aluminium Equestrian Tack Trunk - LINEX

Aluminium Equestrian Tack Trunk

If you’re an equestrian, you know horse riding is a sport that requires lots of equipment and care products. Not only do you need equipment for yourself, but your horse as well. There are saddles, headgear, breastplates, spurs, reins, grooming tools, boots and much more. For the real enthusiasts, all this equipment needs to be stored and easily transportable. Tack trunks are a popular way to store and organize equipment. If traveling to shows, tack trunks are essential for hauling gear. Aluminium tack trunks are a popular choice for this purpose because they are relatively lightweight, easy to transport. However, aluminium is easily scratched so loading tons of gear will eventually leave marks on the trunk. Resine Solution, the official LINE-X applicator for the Centre-Val

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