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Anti-Spill Secondary Containment

Frac tanks can store liquids or solids like petroleum products, chemicals, manure, saline water, and proppants. An advantage of Frac tanks is that they are mobile and easily transported to their required location.  It is an environmental requirement that a Frac Tank has a suitable containment/dike area installed to contain any potential spillage. Installing an appropriate secondary containment area can prove difficult in remote areas to prevent any chemicals from leeching into the surrounding environment. The surface of the secondary containment area was prepared by compacting sand into a wall in the form of a dike in preparation for the placement of six Frac Tanks.  The installation of 8×8 mm reinforced mesh is applied on the surface of the dike to create a firm substrate

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Gas Pipe Bellows: Increasing their life span
case study

Gas Pipe Bellows: Increasing The Lifespan With LINE-X Polyurea

When it comes to the transfer of sulfur dioxide (SO2) gases to an acid plant, you need to ensure you have the best solution for protecting the pipeline. Industrial bellows are installed in pipes to prevent damage caused by thermal growth vibrations and pressure thrust. However, these bellows can be exposed to abrasives and liquids- risking corrosion that can lead to a burst pipeline and gas leak. Corrosion of the bellow can happen for numerous reasons: pitting corrosion, galvanic corrosion and crevice corrosion to just name a few. Whatever the cause of the corrosion, a solution is needed to prevent a burst pipeline and gas leakage. LINE-X XS-350 Pure Polyurea Increases The Lifespan of The Gas Pipe Bellows. XS-350, a pure polyurea by LINE-X, has

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Concrete Waterproof Polyurea Underlayment Process

In the world of construction, waterproofing can be one of the most critical aspects of a construction job. Waterproofing is especially important when laying commercial-grade tiling for pedestrian walkways or driveways for vehicles. A flooring underlayment serves as a barrier between a concrete foundation and a tile application placed on top. If water penetrates the surface and reaches the concrete substrate underneath, it can cause significant damage resulting in expensive and time-consuming repairs. Since moisture is the biggest issue when laying a high traffic tile floor, an equally durable underlayment is required. In Mexico, several major infrastructure projects needed a commercial-grade, watertight, and cost-effective underlayment solution. A polyurea underlayment is one of the most reliable options available.  LINE-X Polyurea Underlayment LINE-X Polyurea Underlayment LINE-X Polyurea

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Waste Water Tank Lining

SITUATION Outdoor and underground storage tanks are subject to corrosion and abrasion at the hands of chemicals, extreme temperatures, and normal wear-and-tear. These factors can – and do – lead to harmful and expensive leaks and spills. For a local chemical factory located in the Czech Republic, the threat of leaks and spills is unacceptable. They needed a permanent waterproofing solution for their existing concrete tanks that would meet the local environmental protection regulations and prevent contamination. Applying a durable waterproof coating meant retrofitting the existing underground tanks in the field. Hazardous chemicals and extreme weather conditions had weakened the integrity of the concrete tanks. SOLUTION The answer to restoring and waterproofing the tank was LINE-X. Spray-on polyurea primary and secondary tank coatings prevent corrosion

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Internal Tank Lining For The Mining and Processing Industry

Businesses within the mining and processing industry require huge tanks to store shredded iron ore, but the interior coating of the manufacturer-supplied tanks wasn’t able to withstand the abrasion. The tanks would quickly show signs of corrosion and degradation, greatly shortening their service life. The client needed a solution to prolong the life of the tanks that could endure the continual movement of the iron ore scrap. Durable Linings by LINE-X The LINE-X professionals selected LINE-X XS-350 as the right coating for the job; it’s a highly durable, chemical-resistant pure polyurea. To start, the tanks were sandblasted and cleaned to ensure any previous coatings or contaminants were fully removed. A primer was then applied, and once the primer dried, LINE-X XS-350 was sprayed on using

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