Improved Camper Durability for Off-road Campers!

Drop Campers have recently partnered with LINE-X (Spain) to provide a premium range of off-road campers.  In 2017, Drop Campers was founded by two brothers, Mario and Albert Fernández. The brother’s passion for outdoor adventure, motor vehicles and a trip through the USA gave Mario and Albert the inspiration to start building mini caravans in their home city, Barcelona.  During their USA travels, they had seen the popular demand for ‘teardrop campers’. Teardrop campers are small caravans, cleverly designed to hold your camping essentials whilst providing sleeping quarters. This allows teardrop campers to be small, light, functional, comfortable, all-terrain, and self-sufficient.  Teardrop and mini-campers are a growing trend with off-road and overland enthusiasts and Drop Campers have also seen the demand from this segment.  As

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case study

Concrete Waterproof Polyurea Underlayment Process

In the world of construction, waterproofing can be one of the most critical aspects of a construction job. Waterproofing is especially important when laying commercial-grade tiling for pedestrian walkways or driveways for vehicles. A flooring underlayment serves as a barrier between a concrete foundation and a tile application placed on top. If water penetrates the surface and reaches the concrete substrate underneath, it can cause significant damage resulting in expensive and time-consuming repairs. Since moisture is the biggest issue when laying a high traffic tile floor, an equally durable underlayment is required. In Mexico, several major infrastructure projects needed a commercial-grade, watertight, and cost-effective underlayment solution. A polyurea underlayment is one of the most reliable options available.  LINE-X Polyurea Underlayment LINE-X Polyurea Underlayment LINE-X Polyurea

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International Success at the 2020 Global LINE-X Conference (GLC).

The 2020 Global LINE-X Conference (GLC) took place in Savannah, Georgia last week (February 20-22, 2020), with a record number of attendees and International presence. The GLC takes place every two-years for the LINE-X franchisee’s and Master Distributors to gather under one roof. A two-day event of learning, featured sessions, celebration events and networking. This year, the GLC received over 1,100 LINE-X attendees, with over 50 International Master Distributors from all over the globe, including Latvia, Japan, Mexico and Pakistan, just to name a few. LINE-X is expanding Internationally, and a big focus on International activity was included at the conference. Two ‘International Track’ days were introduced, which included ‘International Moving Forward’, Industrial Case Study Presentations and an Internationally focused Digital Marketing Presentation. International Moving

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Bucket Seats

Possibly The Most Durable Bucket Seat in Europe!

Meet the RCC-MKK 2 Bucket Seat from LusoMotors – possibly the most durable bucket seat in Europe. Why? This bucket seat comes with an optional LINE-X coated finish for serious scratch resistance. Traditional coatings typically scratch and flake with general use. That’s what sets the RCC-MKK 2 Bucket Seat apart. LusoMotors, a manufacturer of race car components, kit cars, chassis builds and prototypes, chose to integrate LINE-X coatings into their bespoke bucket seats. WHY LINE-X? CEO and lead designer of LusoMotors, Ernesto Freitas, saw LINE-X experiment videos on YouTube. If a coating of LINE-X can survive a 150′ freefall from a water tower without cracking, it could add some serious durability to bucket seats. Ernestos reached out to LINE-X Portugal about what kind of stability

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