galvanic corrosion

What is galvanic corrosion and how to prevent it

In industrial and construction environments, it is necessary to take into account that materials exposed to physical and chemical processes can alter their condition and compromise their operation. Galvanic corrosion is one of these chemical processes that damage metal parts and can put entire structures at risk if not treated properly.

Galvanic corrosion is a chemical process that occurs when two pieces of metal are joined, and a current flows through an electrolyte, such as water or moisture, causing ions to flow through metal (which functions as an anode) towards the other (which functions as a cathode). This process means that galvanic corrosion affects the metal in the joint.

A typical example of galvanic corrosion occurs in joints where there are screws and nuts, as well as in drainage facilities and pipes that use metal pipes and joints. Therefore, other materials are sometimes used to prevent corrosion formation.

While the damage from galvanic corrosion can vary depending on the galvanic index of metals, this chemical process occurs whenever the conditions for the process exist.

Galvanic corrosion can occur in any environment, especially those exposed to the weather, humidity or acid solutions, and its effects can occur in weeks, months or years. However, the more time passes, the higher the risk, so precautions should always be taken regarding corrosion.

How to avoid galvanic corrosion

Fortunately, there is a solution to prevent corrosion long before the conditions of its formation exist. To protect metal structures from corrosion, the exterior metal can be coated with a polyurea coating such as LINE-X, which prevents water or moisture ingress. Also, this type of coating protects the structures from other elements that produce corrosion, such as the presence of acid, heat and more adverse conditions.

The application of these coatings is straightforward, it can be done with little equipment and qualified personnel, while their duration and resistance can last for years in the open without being affected.

In the market, there are different options of coatings, such as LINE-X, which has other applications both in the industrial and construction, petrochemical, automotive, among others.

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