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Seeder Tank

Agricultural Seeder Tank Protection

Seeding is arguably the most important activity in grain production. In broadacre farming, the increase in productivity appreciated from an air delivery system to distribute seed and fertilizer from a central storage tank to the seed drill opener has revolutionized farming practices.

The storage tanks are configured to deliver as per application use. However, due to the corrosive nature of liquid fertilizers like Urea in the holding tanks, a solution was required to protect the inner lining of the tanks further, extending the productive life and minimizing future maintenance issues.

LINE-X XS-350 was selected due to its high chemical resistance. The agricultural equipment is manufactured in different locations around the world and assembled in the country of use. LINE-X XS-350 was sprayed on all the internal surfaces of the selected tank compartments to create an impenetrable barrier further protecting the tank substrate.

The compartments are prepared and coated out of the factory at build. Then, at the assembly stage, the LINE-X team mask and prepare the existing surfaces, clean down and spray the tank internals to an average 3mm thickness, all in a 3-5 hour window depending on tank size.

The customer is delighted with the LINE-X

XS-350 application. As a result, the customer has awarded LINE-X Kelmscott a rolling contract to spray their entire fleet of all future orders. This achievement was all based on the professional service, fast turnaround times and superior product supplied.

LINE-X XS-350 has the chemical resistance properties to give the customer confidence they have added long-term protection for these significant agricultural assets.

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