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Anti-corrosive Coatings For Any Surface

Corrosion is one of the most severe problems in the construction and industrial industries. Corrosion can represent high maintenance costs, as well as endangering the integrity of the substrate.

The corrosion process damages metal structures, especially those exposed to the weather, humidity, chemicals, among other elements. The best option to protect metal structures is to apply an anti-corrosive coating to exposed surfaces.

An anti-corrosive coating is a layer that protects any surface where it is applied. Traditional coatings, such as industrial paints, are not entirely resistant to corrosion, but polyureas, such as PAXCON, resist corrosion and offer better benefits.

How Does PAXCON Prevent Corrosion?

PAXCON is an easy-to-apply anti-corrosive coating with which different types of surfaces can be protected. This polyurea coating is spray-applied, drying in seconds while offering anti-corrosive protection that lasts for years.

Thanks to its composition, PAXCON offers uniform protection against moisture, heat, abrasion, and other elements that produce corrosion over time. Also, PAXCON is resistant to bumps, scratches, dents; It also helps reduce vibration.


Where to use PAXCON

The anticorrosive coating offered by PAXCON has different applications in the real world, but it is more common to find it in industrial, automotive and agricultural environments.

Applying the corrosion protection of PAXCON on surfaces with the risk of damage gives an entirely impermeable layer that does not allow the passage of moisture or chemical agents. Thus, PAXCON is an anticorrosive coating used in the industry for containers of substances, structures, roofs, among others.

Likewise, the texture offered by PAXCON is non-skid, so it is also used in areas and equipment with high safety requirements such as ramps, transport cars and platforms.

As for the automotive industry, the anticorrosive coating prevents the areas of the vehicles most vulnerable to deterioration by being the most resistant to harsh environments. That is why PAXCON is used in work and heavy-duty vehicles, such as the load-beds of pick up trucks and vans, wheel arches, fenders, and other areas in need of durable protection.

However, these industries are not the only ones where the anticorrosive coating are used.  PAXCON is also utilised in construction, secondary containment and other environments where surfaces need to be protected from the adverse effects of corrosion.

PAXCON has been a leader in polyurea and polyurea-hybrid coatings for over 25-years and stays committed to providing anticorrosive cotings for multiple industries including construction, automotive, agricultural and military.


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