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Gas Pipe Bellows: Increasing their life span

Gas Pipe Bellows: Increasing The Lifespan With PAXCON Polyurea

When it comes to the transfer of sulfur dioxide (SO2) gases to an acid plant, you need to ensure you have the best solution for protecting the pipeline. Industrial bellows are installed in pipes to prevent damage caused by thermal growth vibrations and pressure thrust. However, these bellows can be exposed to abrasives and liquids- risking corrosion that can lead to a burst pipeline and gas leak.

Corrosion of the bellow can happen for numerous reasons: pitting corrosion, galvanic corrosion and crevice corrosion to just name a few. Whatever the cause of the corrosion, a solution is needed to prevent a burst pipeline and gas leakage.

Gas Pipe Bellow Before PAXCON application

PAXCON XS-350 Pure Polyurea Increases
The Lifespan of The Gas Pipe Bellows.

XS-350, a pure polyurea by PAXCON, has been utilised to provide corrosion protection for the bellows of an SO2 pipeline in Rustenburg, South Africa. The pipeline had previously burst, causing a gas leak. Upon investigation, the cause of the burst pipe was due to the corrosion of a bellow. To prevent a future incident, the plant chose to reinforce the bellows along the pipeline with PAXCON XS-350. PAXCON coatings are exceptional solutions for pipe coatings; they provide a seamless protective barrier against adverse conditions such as the presence of water, acid and temperature changes (not exceeding a constant temperature of 170ºC).

The large bellows were repaired, prepared, primed, and coated in situ by a mobile PAXCON application team.

Gas pipe bellow: before and after PAXCON application

The pipeline was back in operations within 24 hours

The pipeline was back in operations within 24 hours of the completed final application stage. The plant experienced very minimal downtime during the entire process. Plant operations personnel made multiple checks to ensure there was no gas leaking from the bellows. All tests came back positive.
The PAXCON reinforced bellows are performing to expectations. The addition of extremely durable XS-350 material will prevent premature corrosion and has proven to be a reliable protective solution to keep the pipeline and plant, in full operation for a life span of 12-18 months.


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