Improved Camper Durability for Off-road Campers!

Drop Campers have recently partnered with LINE-X (Spain) to provide a premium range of off-road campers. 

In 2017, Drop Campers was founded by two brothers, Mario and Albert Fernández. The brother’s passion for outdoor adventure, motor vehicles and a trip through the USA gave Mario and Albert the inspiration to start building mini caravans in their home city, Barcelona. 

During their USA travels, they had seen the popular demand for ‘teardrop campers’. Teardrop campers are small caravans, cleverly designed to hold your camping essentials whilst providing sleeping quarters. This allows teardrop campers to be small, light, functional, comfortable, all-terrain, and self-sufficient. 

Teardrop and mini-campers are a growing trend with off-road and overland enthusiasts and Drop Campers have also seen the demand from this segment. 

As off-road enthusiasts will know, travelling through the wilderness can be challenging and causes a tremendous amount of wear-and-tear on motor vehicles. Pin-stripping and scratches are the number one headache for off-road cars and campers. The tracks are narrow, the bushes, trees and rocks are close, but there is no turning back. The destination must be met! 

With this in mind, Drop Campers set their sights on a durable coating to provide a premium version of their teardrop campers. A camper that would live up to the wilderness and come back still looking the same as when it left the family home (after a quick jet-wash, of course!).

The Drop Campers team investigations soon led them to LINE-X, a polyurethane/polyurea hybrid material popular with off-road vehicles for external coatings, accessory coating and bedliners. 


LINE-X is also used for industrial and military applications across the globe.

After trialling the LINE-X material, Drop Campers began to work with a LINE-X applicator in Spain. LINE-X Spain provides LINE-X protection on Drop Campers premium range of off-road campers. 

The LINE-X coating has proved a popular option for Drop Campers customers, and the relationship is blossoming.

Drop Campers are providing one of the best custom build teardrop trailers in Europe: lightweight, easy to tow, stylish design, rugged and off road capable for great outdoors and overland adventure.


If you would like to find out more about Drop Campers teardrop camper trailers, you can visit their website: https://www.dropcampers.com or Instagram: @dropcampers 

Drop Campers
Thanks for the report you have done on @DropCampers. Your #LineX finish has been a great success with our travelling and especially adventurous customers. We will continue to collaborate to offer the most resistant, light, durable and stylish #teardroptrailers 😁

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LINE-X Solutions Guide

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