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Meet the Crawler OTAG 385, the latest all-terrain camper made in Turkey

Meet the Crawler OTAG 385, the latest all-terrain camper made in Turkey.Featuring a tough, full exterior PAXCON coating, this cleverly converted Unimog has what it takes to endure a full off-road expedition.  As well as the tough exterior, the OTAG 385 comes with a full host of modern tech and comfortable living accommodation, giving the campers a mix of beautiful wilderness and 5-star accommodation.  The Crawler OTAG 385 is manufactured and sprayed in Istanbul. The makers of this extreme off-road vehicle utilise their own in-house PAXCON station. With the full PAXCON training and equipment, the company behind Crawler are also the official dealership for Istanbul, providing custom PAXCON applications for the automotive dealership network and vehicle owners.

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Improved Durability and Life-Span For Polystyrene Boxes
hard coating

Improved Durability and Life-Span For Polystyrene Boxes

It is ubiquitous for polystyrene to be used as a packaging material. In automotive manufacturing plants, expensive parts are transported between production lines in polystyrene boxes. Polystyrene is cheap and easy to shape for a fitted finish; however, polystyrene is prone to one major drawback… deterioration! Light impact causes polystyrene to break and crumble. Within a production plant, polystyrene boxes are frequently replaced. The high rate of new boxes is costly and causes a large amount of waste product that would have to go to landfill. An automotive production plant in Mexico was looking for a solution to increase the longevity and durability of the boxes. PAXCON provided their hybrid-polyurea (XS-100) as a durable, impact-resistant coating to increase the lifespan of the boxes and significantly

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Improved Camper Durability for Off-road Campers!

Drop Campers have recently partnered with PAXCON (Spain) to provide a premium range of off-road campers.  In 2017, Drop Campers was founded by two brothers, Mario and Albert Fernández. The brother’s passion for outdoor adventure, motor vehicles and a trip through the USA gave Mario and Albert the inspiration to start building mini caravans in their home city, Barcelona.  During their USA travels, they had seen the popular demand for ‘teardrop campers’. Teardrop campers are small caravans, cleverly designed to hold your camping essentials whilst providing sleeping quarters. This allows teardrop campers to be small, light, functional, comfortable, all-terrain, and self-sufficient.  Teardrop and mini-campers are a growing trend with off-road and overland enthusiasts and Drop Campers have also seen the demand from this segment.  As

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Vietnamese Fishing Farms to Eliminate 3 Million Cubic Meters of Styrofoam Pollution Using LINE X Protective Coatings
environmental protection

🌎 Earth Day Announcement: Vietnamese Fishing Farms to Eliminate 3 Million Cubic Meters of Styrofoam Pollution Using LINE X Protective Coatings

In celebration of Earth Day 2021, PAXCON, a U.S.-based leading manufacturer of high-performance protective coatings for truck bedliners, automotive and industrial uses, and its PAXCON Coating Developer in Vietnam, announced that they are working with Quang Ning Province in Vietnam to substantially reduce waste (by removing 3 million cubic meters of Styrofoam pollution in the next 10-20 years) in its Ha Long Bay region by applying coatings on the surface of foam floats used by local aquatic fish farmers. PAXCON is also contributing a sizeable amount of its coatings at no cost to the Quảng Ninh Province to further support the effort. In 2015, Jenna Jambeck, an environmental engineer at the University of Georgia, analyzed plastic waste levels in the world’s oceans. According to her

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hard coating

Amazing Game Of Thrones, Throne | Hard Coating by PAXCON

PAXCON coatings are commonly used for hard-coating eps structures, especially within the film and theme park industry. EPS sculptures can be made into amazing lifesize structures, models and art. Due to the creativity of the sculptors who use PAXCON services, we are always being amazed by the projects that we are sent! A lot of the PAXCON network are Game of Thrones fans, so when this project came through from our Spanish master distributor, PAXCON HISPANIA, our jaws dropped and we just had to share it. This particular project was a private commission by a Commercial Manager of a large automotive dealership in Barcelona for his daughter, a mega-fan of the Game of Thrones. The throne was created from EPS and hard-coated with PAXCON XS-100,

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Merry Christmas from PAXCON Europe

For a lot of industries, Christmas is the time to kick back and relax, but not for PAXCON applicators across Europe! A popular application for PAXCON coatings is creating props from moulds for films, theme-parks and shop-displays. Every year, new Christmas displays are created to attract new customers into shops, such as these candy canes, which were commissioned for a large clothing franchise For this application, red PAXCON XS-100, a polyurea-polyurethane hybrid material was sprayed into moulds to create large candy canes. Due to the quick dry-time of PAXCON, 85 candy canes were created over two days. Once XS-100 was sprayed into the moulds, they were released almost instantly to allow the next set of candy canes to be sprayed. Once the props had cooled,

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Medical Clinic Trim Protection by PAXCON

One of the largest private medical clinics in Northern Greece was experiencing severe problems with the door and wall trim in their clinic. The door jambs and wall trims were deteriorating quickly, unable to withstand the constant scratching and damage caused by medical trolleys used to transport medicines and medical equipment between wards. The trim was deeply scratched and beginning to rust, leaving the corridors looking run-down and unprofessional. They required near-constant maintenance, and they frequently had to close down whole wards to repaint the trim and doors; costing them time and money each time. The client turned to PAXCON so they could have a permanent, durable and aesthetically pleasing solution that wouldn’t require constant upkeep. The Application Process: PAXCON professionals first masked the walls

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