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Possibly The Most Durable Bucket Seat in Europe!

Meet the RCC-MKK 2 Bucket Seat from LusoMotors – possibly the most durable bucket seat in Europe. Why? This bucket seat comes with an optional LINE-X coated finish for serious scratch resistance. Traditional coatings typically scratch and flake with general use. That’s what sets the RCC-MKK 2 Bucket Seat apart. LusoMotors, a manufacturer of race car components, kit cars, chassis builds and prototypes, chose to integrate LINE-X coatings into their bespoke bucket seats.


CEO and lead designer of LusoMotors, Ernesto Freitas, saw LINE-X experiment videos on YouTube. If a coating of LINE-X can survive a 150′ freefall from a water tower without cracking, it could add some serious durability to bucket seats. Ernestos reached out to LINE-X Portugal about what kind of stability a LINE-X coating could offer a high-performance fiberglass bucket seat. Ernesto quickly built a relationship with LINE-X Portugal and began to experiment with the LINE-X product, seeing how resilient LINE-X is in real-world environments. Ernest found LINE-X to be extremely durable and would help the fibreglass seats resist more wear and tear than traditional finishes. Since launching the seats with the LINE-X coatings, customer feedback is very positive. Customers have commented on how they like the industrial look and how easy LINE-X is to keep clean. LusoMotors customers will also love the longevity of the LINE-X coating.

Bucket seats by LusoMotors are mainly used in small sports cars, like Caterham Sevens, Lotus Elise, or Kit Cars, but there is also been a demand for incorporating them into Racing Simulators.

Located in Guimarães, Portugal, LusoMotors sells products across Europe as well as to the US and the UK.
For more information on the RCC-MKK 2 Bucket Seat, please visit https://www.lusomotors.com/product-list/.

For more information on LINE-X coatings, please visit LINEX.eu.com or LINE-X.pt.

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